Land Use and Land Development

The Law Office of Brian P. Buchert, P.A.'s Land Use and Development Department is available to represent clients from the moment a concept is proposed for vacant land through the issuance of building permits and certificates of occupancy, or at any point in between. The firm has experience dealing with Florida's Growth Management Act, state and local comprehensive plans, as well as local municipal codes and ordinances. When a land use or zoning regulation threatens to diminish the developmental value of a client's property, the firm's experience dealing with County Commissions and land use boards can be a great assistance to clients. The firm is available to represent private sector clients, as well as community development districts and community redevelopment districts.

Key Practice Areas:

Local, State and Federal Environmental Permitting; Due Diligence Investigation; Public and Private Financing; Waivers; Variances; Special Exceptions; Comprehensive Plan Amendments; Land Use Entitlement and Construction Permitting; Wetlands

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