Business Law

The Law Office of Brian P. Buchert, P.A.'s Business Law Department assists clients in all stages of the business lifecycle, from formation to succession. The firm helps clients choose what entity type is right for them, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or not-for-profit. The firm will review business contracts to protect clients from unfair terms, mistakes and potential problems that may cost the client money in the long term. The firm is available to answer all business questions that may arise, including employment law questions.

Key Practice Areas:

Business Formation; Business Finance; Business Succession; Employment Law; Negotiable Instruments; Debtor and Creditor Law; Business Contracts: Purchase and Sale Agreements, Stock and Shareholder Agreements, Commercial Leases, Employment Contracts, Real Estate Sales Contracts and Easements, Construction Contracts, and Franchise Agreements; Contract Disputes; Lease Disputes; Landlord/Tenant Law; Evictions

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