How much does it cost?

Filing for Chapter 7 requires a filing fee of $306.00. In certain circumstances, the $306.00 filing fee may be waived by a bankruptcy court judge if it is found that you are under the poverty line and incapable of paying the filing fee in installments. Our firm will help you determine whether you are eligible to have the filing fee waived.

In addition to the Chapter 7 filing fee, there will also be attorney’s fees and costs should you decide to hire an attorney to represent you. While you are not required to hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy, I would always recommend that you hire legal representation to insure that everything is done correctly. Filing for Chapter 7 is an important decision and it is essential that you know your legal rights before filing.

The total cost of your bankruptcy will depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of your case, the number of creditors that you have, whether you have to pass the Means Test to qualify for Chapter 7, whether you have any liens on property, whether you are involved in any lawsuits or administrative proceedings, and whether your wages are being garnished.

Most cases involve a limited number of creditors and very little assets. In these cases, the Law Office of Brian P. Buchert, P.A. charges a flat rate of $999.00 for attorney’s fees and costs. The firm strives to keep the cost of filing a Chapter 7 as low as possible because we understand the difficult financial situation our clients are facing. Many bankruptcy firms charge upwards of $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 for filing a Chapter 7 case. By limiting our overhead, The Law Office of Brian P. Buchert, P.A. is able to charge less for a bankruptcy filing while still providing the same level excellent level of professional representation as the larger and more expensive bankruptcy firms.

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